Bendik Samseth



I’m Bendik

I’m a recent MSc Computational Physics graduate, now working as a data scientist for Inspera Assessment. I’m enthusiastic about all things data science, with a strong desire to learn and a passion for problem-solving.



I’m always working on some kind of project. Here’s some open-source examples, and you can check out everything that’s not super secret on GitHub.


Master’s Thesis

My thesis implemented an original idea, applying machine learning to learn intricate behavior in quantum mechanical systems. It’s perfect for some light bedtime reading. The entire project, including every line of code and every enraged commit message is openly available on GitHub.


Goldfish - Stockfish's very distant and not so bright cousin

On and off since 2015 I have written a chess engine. It started as a way to first learn C++, and over time it has matured into a working AI that consistently beats me. There is a live version of Goldfish running at all times over at that you can play right now (you need to be logged in)!


Modeling a Star from first Principles

Throughout the course “AST3310: Astrophysical Plasma and Stellar Interiors” I developed a computational model to simulate the interior of a star. The model considers the nuclear fusion energy production inside the core and propagtes the energy outward according to the physical laws of magnetohydrodynamics. Fun stuff!